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Powering Sales Force Effectiveness at a Specialist Manufacturing Company

Grounding the Sales Organization in Robust Competencies

A specialist manufacturing company recognized that it needed to better understand and to then optimize its sales organization. Sales growth had stalled, and it was faced with a more complex sales environment. This case study explores the steps the business took to improve its sales force effectiveness.

The business knew that it had limited understanding of the drivers behind sales success or how to best optimize its sales force and so set out to analyze its current sales organization with a goal of building on this. Ultimately it wanted to augment the sales structure and activities and to make sure the right people were employed.

The company worked with Aon to examine the current tasks, priorities and focus of the sales force. With job titles giving little insight into job roles, a streamlined set of job groupings and a sales competency model were designed. This formed the backbone for the entire sales force effectiveness project. It touched hiring, development and career processes as well as infrastructure, focus and priorities.

Within a year the project supported:

  • 7% growth in global sales.
  • 21% upturn in revenue growth in the focused geographical area.
  • 9% increase in sales margin.
  • 12% growth in sales revenue per person.
  • Clearer focus for employees.
  • Robust information for hiring, development and career decisions.

Find out more about online assessment, defining job requirements and paperless assessment centers.

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