The Future of Talent Assessment in the Aviation Industry

November 20, 2019 Suzanne Courtney

Hear from Suzanne Courtney as she presents three of the most important influences on the future use of assessment in the aviation industry.

Using assessment to attract talent

It is clear that the aviation industry needs to attract more high quality talent – and this is the case across all roles from cabin crew, to those on the flight deck and those on the ground in more technical and digital roles.

By building talent assessment early into the hiring process, better fit talent can be encouraged to apply. To this end, assessment has a dual role to play; to engage, attract and provide a realistic insight to the job, and also to check the applicants’ interest, motivations and capabilities for the job.

Put the right leaders in place to lead change

The aviation industry is undergoing rapid digital technology change. The leadership behaviors needed to navigate such a change are probably different than those currently drawn on by leaders. We need people who can manage virtualized teams successfully, engage in digital communication, and encourage learnability, curiosity and agility in the teams.

Develop internal talent

We think it will become increasingly important for aviation-related businesses to look inward at the talent already in-house, making use of the transferable skills and developing new skills as needed. It Businesses can begin to look at the roles at risk of automation and retrain, reskill and redeploy those current job holders for new and emerging role in which they can have a significant and positive impact.

Learn more about how Aon works with organizations in the aviation sector. 

About the Author

Suzanne Courtney

Suzanne Courtney is the UK Managing Director for Aon's Assessment Solutions and is a recognized occupational psychology consultant with extensive expertise in assessment, leadership development, people strategies and employee engagement. She is responsible for the company’s performance and growth in the UK market. Aon's Assessment Solutions undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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