Webinar explains how to make senior management team meetings more effective

A 30-minute webinar explaining how HR, talent and recruitment practitioners can make senior management team meetings more effective and productive will be presented at 12 noon EST on July 29.

Called Creating Effective Management Teams, the webinar will be hosted by talent measurement and assessment specialist cut-e. It will highlight a comprehensive model of high performing teams, comprising 27 factors, which has been developed after a 35-year international research study, with empirical evidence from over 200 management teams.

“Studies show that senior management teams are hardly ever high performing and that 40 percent of the time that senior managers spend in meetings is ineffective,” said Marinus van Driel, Director of Professional Services at cut-e. “In this webinar, we’ll explain the characteristics of an effective management team and we’ll show how senior managers can assess and improve their own performance in meetings.”

Using the results of the international research study on high performing teams, cut-e has created a new online questionnaire, which will also feature in the webinar. Called Effect, it enables senior managers to evaluate their team meetings - including the team’s strengths and any areas for development - and it also provides insights that can enhance the team’s effectiveness.

“Improving the productivity of senior management team meetings not only enhances the function of the team, it adds value for the team members as it helps them to build on each other’s ideas and gain a greater benefit from attending the meeting,” said Marinus van Driel. “On top of that, it saves the organization money and helps the business to achieve its corporate goals. I hope you’ll be able to join us for what promises to be an intriguing webinar.”

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Founded in 2002, cut-e (pronounced ‘cute’) is the world leader in the design and implementation ofinnovative online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development. The company provides ability, personality, motivation, values, creativity and integrity assessments in 70 countries and 40 languages. Its clients include Audi, Boeing, BP, Burger King, Dell, Lufthansa, Siemens and Volkswagen.For further information, please call +1-212-935-0370, email info.usa@cut-e.com or visit www.cut-e.com

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