Webinar: Grow Your Future Workforce From Within

November 7, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

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How to Grow Your Internal Talent to Succeed in a Changing Work-environment

The rise of fast-paced and ever-innovating technologies, such as artificial intelligence changes entire business models. Organisations are required to future-proof their workforce and talent strategy. Employees need guidance to acquire new capabilities and evolve alongside their changing jobs.

At the core of a successful internal talent pipeline is an agile mindset and an excitement for growth, both professionally and personally. Bringing in external talent comes at a premium. Developing internal talent brings great benefit. How will you future-proof your workforce?

Join three experts from Aon’s Assessment Solutions: With you are John McLaughlin, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Lena Justenhoven, Product Solutions Director and Tina Pilipovic, Commercial Consultant.

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