The Role of the Recruiter When Using AI for Recruitment

Tarandeep Singh from Aon’s Assessment Solutions discusses the changing role of the recruiter when using AI for recruitment. Watch the video to learn the opportunities AI creates and why the role of the recruiter needs to change.

"Most interesting from Artificial Intelligence point of view for me is the opportunities that it creates. And opportunities especially for the emerging economies and the sectors. We have seen how technology has leapfrogged between the traditional basic phones to a mobile to where it’s headed now. Fundamentally the role of the recruiter has to undergo a change.

The job will still remain for the human, but today if the time is being spent on managing the processes and making it efficient and getting all the Six Sigma principles through it, et cetera. How we engage with the candidate, which means it’s not a passive engagement where somebody comes in, how I manage it, how the office looks like and how the person is treated.

I am going beyond that. We need to be proactively be able to manage through various social media as well as other channels:

What kind of a brand are we creating?

Why should a candidate apply to us?

Going forward, the world for talent is just accentuating as it moves by. So likewise, I believe even the same recruiter has to become a culture custodian for an organization, instead of just being pure helping the people get in time, go through the systems and ensuring that the tax or turnaround times are being met."

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