Predicting Eco-Friendly Bus Driving at Nobina

September 9, 2019 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Driving skills and behaviors impact bus fuel consumption. Find out how Nobina has identified the characteristics that predict good drivers and the influence this has on fuel consumption. 

Nobina is the Nordic region’s largest and most experienced public transport service provider. It is committed to delivering great customer service to its passengers and is keenly aware of its impact on the environment.

Nobina’s Green Journey Initiative details its most important goals to minimize the impact on the environment. Part of this initiative is the training and monitoring of its bus drivers to drive more efficiently so as to conserve fuel.

Saving time in hiring and hiring successful drivers

We worked with Nobina several years ago to define the competencies and personality characteristics needed to be a successful bus driver. We then supported the redesign of its bus driver selection process. Talent assessment was introduced earlier into the hiring activity so that the clear predictors of performance were used to focus on the best candidates. After re-engineering the process, Nobina was able to reduce interviews by two thirds, and save over 70% of the original time spent on the hiring. But the benefits extend beyond that of time saving.

More eco-friendly driving

Having assessment data from the original hiring process and driving data from the on-board monitoring system, Nobina could determine any link between the drivers hired and fuel consumption.

The team learned that drivers with an eco-friendly approach can be predicted from their scores on personality and capability assessments. Those drivers who have a strong match with the success profile of a bus driver at Nobina have 18% lower fuel consumption after 6 months and consume nearly 11 litres less fuel each month. If all the drivers for Nobina had this strong match to the profile, 1.8M€ of fuel cost savings could be made.

Hanna Larson, Head of Strategic Recruitment at Nobina comments on the screening process, “It accurately predicts which drivers will help us meet our environmental goals – as well as being the best drivers for our customers.”

Martin Sirén, the Aon consultant working with Nobina project continues, “The results from this study at Nobina clearly shows that better drivers can be hired who not only drive safely and efficiently for the passengers, but also play their part in saving the planet.”

Do you want to know how you can use the Drivers Suite at your organization to predict safe and eco-friendly driving behavior? Get in touch now!


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