New Platform Helps Recruiters Run Bias-free Video Assessments

February 6, 2018 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Employers can now create, implement and analyse bias-free, data-driven video assessments, using a new platform launched today by assessment specialist Aon's Assessment Solutions.

Called vidAssess, the platform helps recruiters to create a customised interview experience that focuses on the requirements of the role, enabling them to see and hear candidates at an early stage of the selection process. It offers the logistical freedom to conduct many more candidate interviews and to quickly and consistently assess each person’s suitability for the job.

“Data-driven video assessments are replacing unstructured and competency-based interviews as a preliminary screening tool for many different roles,” said Dr Achim Preuss, Chief Technology Officer at Aon's Assessment Solutions. “However, unless it is job-related, video assessment can lead to discrimination on appearance, as conscious and unconscious bias can creep into the process. Our new platform enables you to create customised, data-driven video assessments with structured, job-relevant questions, so you can assess each candidate’s responses on their merits and make fair and objective selection decisions.”

vidAssess helps recruiters to define the relevant competencies and behaviours that are critical for success in any role; create a pool of questions that will reveal the required competencies and set up and manage ‘interview projects’. Candidates are given preparation time to respond to each question, so they can gather their thoughts and give their best answer. Assessors can quickly shortlist appropriate candidates, by rating their answers against the established competencies.

“Now that every smartphone and tablet has a built-in camera - and candidates are comfortable with video calling, via apps such as FaceTime and Skype - every recruitment team needs to understand that video assessment can make their hiring process even more efficient and effective,” said Dr Preuss. “The ability to see and hear applicants helps you to separate those who have a real passion for the role - and the right attitude for success - from those who are simply going through the motions in applying to you.”

The ‘candidate view’ can be branded with an organisation’s logo and colour scheme. Introductory and closing text or video messages can also be embedded to welcome and thank candidates, and to reinforce the hiring organisation’s employer brand.

vidAssess is included in Aon’s assessment hub, so candidates can access their video assessment and any other relevant assessments with the convenience of a single sign-in. Customisable reports can be created as well as predictive talent analytics, using the data from successful candidates. The platform can be integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems.

“We’ve built vidAssess with one eye on the future, as we’re preparing for the evolution of video assessment using artificial intelligence and automated scoring,” said Dr Preuss. “Technology will soon enable video assessment platforms to completely automate the person-job fit for each candidate, by scoring each required competency, making it easier to identify which candidates meet the specific requirements of your roles. Manual rating will then be a thing of the past.”

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