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The Case for Video Assessments: Best Practices to Ensure a Data-Driven Candidate Selection Process

With smartphones and video chats being ubiquitous, video interviews have evolved from being a nice-to-have to an essential, additional component of talent acquisition strategies. As a preliminary screening tool, interviewing via video can save time. It is convenient to both the candidate and the recruiter. Finally, video interviewing is a popular option because it not only reveals more about your applicants, but it can also help you create better candidate matches while enhancing the candidate experience. 

Despite these benefits, there are legitimate concerns that video interviews can lead to discrimination on a candidate’s appearance based on an assessor’s bias. However, keeping the interview questions structured and implementing training programs for the assessor will help ensure candidates are being selected in a fair and objective manner.

Currently, job-relevant video assessments have proven particularly beneficial in the initial stages of high-volume recruitment campaigns, however, it is now being extended to support the recruitment of other roles, such as senior management.

The effectiveness of video assessments ultimately depends on whether recruiters are able to clearly and consistently define and rate the exact competencies that are required in each role to eliminate conscious and unconscious bias.

Therefore, the challenge lies in choosing the right platform that will facilitate a data-driven video assessment process. Partnering with the right provider who can offer the necessary support to help you make data-based candidate selection decisions is paramount to success. 

This paper focuses on how recruitment teams can use video assessments to make their hiring process more effective and efficient for their organizations.

Read more about video assessment and the benefit it can have for your organization.

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