Encouraging Diversity Through Fairness in Assessment

November 16, 2018 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Exploring the Role of Fairness in Assessment when Creating a Diverse Workforce

Diversity within a workforce can bring innovation and competible advantage. Appreciating and recognizing differences can deliver business benefit. And yet, how does an organization ensure it is building and drawing from a wider talent pool, being fair to applicants and offering equal opportunities for employment when trying to recruit a diverse workforce or bring together diverse teams?

A good selection process starts with assessing those qualities of candidates that are related directly to job performance - and excluding the criteria that are not related to the job from any decision making. This creates a fair assessment process for all applicants in selection decisions.

This white paper outlines how fair testing can be beneficial for organizational effectiveness by promoting diversity.

Did You Know?

Assess Barometer survey results relating to diversity in the workplace show that:

  • Creating a diverse workforce is an issue among more mature markets. Employers want to show they are making objective, unbiased selection decisions.
  • Major market organizations are looking to expand the diversity of their workforce and are interested in sourcing talent in new ways, more so than those in the intermediate and development markets.

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