How To Assess Digital Competencies in Three Steps To Build Your Future Workforce

How Will Your Organization Succeed in the Future?

„Assessing and identifying the key competencies effectively is now more important for employers than ever before.“
Tarandeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Aon’s Assessment Solutions

The last year has shown that new ways of working are already here. How an organization will succeed in the future will depend on how it will be able to attract, retain and motivate the right people with the right digital competencies.

Resilience, adaptability, flexibility and curiosity are keys to building an agile, digitally ready workforce and organizations are looking for people with a learning mindset focused on growth and positivity toward constant change. Assessing and identifying these competencies effectively is now more important for employers than ever before.Here we look at the three steps employers can take to build the people‑centered digital workforce of the future through effective talent assessments.

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