Redefining Employee Potential to Unlock Value

Using talent assessments to prepare your organisation for the future

For decades, HR leaders have sought to identify current and prospective talent with potential, which has often been a synonym for ‘future leadership capability’.

However, the future of work is uncertain. New technologies, business models, markets and skills will shape how organisations will operate — and change is accelerating. Indeed, the very concept of potential is changing. The previously-stable definition of it being the ability to lead the future organisation is being replaced by a groundswell of opinion that potential is not the domain of the few but the right of all.

In short, there is a democratisation of potential taking place in which each person is inspired to explore their possibilities and realise their capabilities.

The challenge facing organisations is to understand current skills among your workforce, how to develop what is needed, in addition to empowering employees to better understand their own strengths and areas for potential.

By adopting a more broad and inclusive definition of potential, opportunities arise for increased internal mobility of talent and higher retention of the workforce. It means that more diverse and varied talent will progress into roles perhaps previously not considered. The shift towards greater employee ownership of their own career progression means that, given access to the tools and
career pathways, people can plan and execute their own development.

This guide is our vision for how potential is examined going forward and the role organisations have in empowering employees to make career choices and reach their own potential. It is a set of best practices, bringing together our knowledge and what we see happening in the market.

We stress the key challenges posed by the future of work and put forward a new definition of potential. We challenge you to rethink the changes needed as to how potential is assessed and measured across the workforce — and how to empower individuals to take ownership of their own progression.

Undoubtedly, the future of work will require us all to become more curious about career and development opportunities and be more agile in how we approach our own development.

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