Talent 2021

“We overestimate what can get done in a year, but underestimate what can be done in a decade.”

There is a reason this quote is often shared by business leaders and tech innovators—because it holds true. When an organization has a vision and it works determinedly toward accomplishing it, the extraordinary and impossible can happen.

The great innovations of our time took time. Few groundbreaking achievements require only a year to complete. But what can happen in three years? That’s what we’ve set out to explore in the first of its kind “Talent 2021” article. Surrounded by some of the brightest minds in the talent consulting space, we asked a simple question: “How is your area of expertise going to look in 2021?”

In this e-book you will read the thoughts of Neil Shastri who addresses how leadership will change in the next few years as a new generation comes into the workforce and Millennials become our largest segment of leaders. Ken Oehler writes about how we will measure, interpret, and improve engagement and the employee experience. Anthony Boyce and Ernest Paskey focus on the evolution of the “candidate experience” and how that will change the way we think about assessing and selecting employees. Scott Sands shares his thoughts on the salesforce of tomorrow. Jennifer Wich, Michael Martin, and Tom Friedrich, take on the need for Human Resources transformation.

Finally, we conclude by predicting how talent technology will continue to rapidly change how we work and understand our workforce.

It is with great pleasure we provide you with “Talent 2021.”

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