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Assessing Digital Readiness: How to Spot Digital Talent

October 10, 2018 Aon's Assessment Solutions

Digital transformation needs to be driven by people with digital competencies – and that isn’t about the skill of using the latest app, software or download. It’s about having learnability, being agile and being curious. The challenge that organisations are facing is to identify those with these competencies and to develop them when needed. But how can you spot such digital talent? Traditional assessments touches only some of these areas. But the new Digital Competency model by cut-e, an Aon company, provides a framework for a robust and proven psychometric assessment. Join us on this one-hour webinar at which we will show: • The Digital Competency Model – how it was developed and how it is applied • The Digital Readiness Assessment – and how it can be used • The results and individual, group and company reports Your hosts will be Tina Pilipovic from our commercial team and Max Jansen from our research team.

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